Our Services

ClearInfo core services center around offering Government Agencies Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions to their information systems integration needs. Our leadership has experience is assisting agencies with strategic planning, requirements analysis and design of EIM solutions. The ClearInfo team is adept at cross platform integration project with the following Independent Software Vendor (ISV) tools. Starting with OpenText platform our solutions include integration into IBM Content Solutions, Microsoft Sharepoint, SAP Financials, and the Oracle Product line.The ClearInfo team first solution The Audit Response Center coordinates program management of systems integration projects to help agencies meet their Financial Improvement Audit Requirements (FIAR) program needs.

Audit Fusion

The ClearInfo Audit Response Center (ARC) is envisioned as a solution for the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of government agencies to meet their FIAR compliance requirements. The ARC is an audit case management solution that includes records management for the enterprise. The ARC enables intra-agency financial audit reporting from various data sources including all the major Independent Software Vendors (ISV) solutions like IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. The connections are made via the OpenText platform of products. CFOs can feel confident that the information provided is accurate and meets their regulatory compliance requirements.

Capture Plus

The ClearInfo Capture Plus solution enables agencies to initiate mission critical processes from the agencies Multi-Function Printers (MFPs). Solutions are automated by capturing data, processing information and archiving content into a DOD 5015.2 STD records management system. The ClearInfo Capture Plus is an integrated solution of Notable Solutions and OpenText tools.The ClearInfo Solutions Consulting team evaluates the current agency processes and recommends the best capture point to integrate new information into process workflows. The advantage to agencies is a more real-time visibility into organizational financial transactions, reduces the manual need to copy data and improves agency process automation.