Our Services

ClearInfo core services center around offering Government Agencies Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions to their information systems integration needs. Our leadership has experience is assisting agencies with strategic planning, requirements analysis and design of EIM solutions. The ClearInfo team is adept at cross platform integration projects with the following Independent Software Vendor (ISV) tools. Starting with OpenText platform our solutions include integration into IBM Content Solutions, Microsoft Sharepoint, SAP Financials, and the Oracle Product line. The ClearInfo team first solution Our FIAR FUSION platform allow agencies to meet their Financial Improvement Audit Requirements (FIAR) mandated Key Supporting Documents requirements.


ClearInfo FIAR FUSION is a service for the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of government agencies to meet their FIAR compliance requirements. FIAR Fusion solution is a financial optimization platform available on the AWS Gov Cloud. FIAR Fusion provides end to end digitization of your agencies financial value chain. FIAR Fusion improves financial process cycles, insights, system controls, records and your agencies ability to become audit ready by uniting financial transactions and documents throughout your entire financial life-cycle. A core capability is FIAR FUSION’s ability to eliminate key supporting documentation NFR’s.


The ClearInfo C-CCARS platform provides end-to-end digitization, low-code business process automation, intelligent capture and records management services for Federal agencies. C-CCARS combines content and contextual data processing to enable agencies to meet mandates such as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) M-19-21 electronic records management and digital modernization objectives more efficiently.